February 25, 2024

CellTrust has introduced SL2 Moderator AI, a tool for financial advisors and compliance officers to prevent data leakage and block risky mobile messages before they reach clients. This aims to go beyond just capturing and providing data to compliance departments after it has been shared with clients. While the technology to capture and archive mobile communication is well established, leak prevention, moderation, and gateway hold are not. Organizations in regulated industries such as financial services have long been required to implement policies to capture and archive electronic communications. The requirements to monitor and analyze electronic communications for conduct violations are becoming more stringent.

SL2 Moderator AI gives compliance leaders control to stop compliance breaches, data leakage and reputational damage before it happens. The AI scans mobile communication content for profanity, offensive, sexually explicit, or suggestive content, and personal data. It offers predefined or fully customizable moderation, automatically analyzes messages, and flags high-risk messages for review and holds them at the gateway. Compliance leaders can set the tone for business conduct within the enterprise mobile channel and prevent data leakage and other libelous content. This solution aims to protect organizations from compliance breaches, financial penalties, and reputational damage.

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