February 29, 2024

Consumer Watchdog has addressed a letter to the California Attorney General and the California Privacy Protection Agency, expressing concern over Clearview AI’s facial recognition software, which they believe poses a threat to societal norms and privacy laws. They have called for a ban on Clearview AI from collecting personal data and information in violation of California law. The organization argues that Clearview AI’s technology covertly scrapes photographs, including personal profile images from sources online without consent, and that it has amassed over 40 billion images in its database. Consumer Watchdog has emphasized that Clearview AI violates the “right to opt-out” provisions of the California Consumer Privacy Act and flouts laws designed to protect the personal data of children. They further argue that Clearview AI’s technology may be least accurate on African Americans and that it has a chilling effect, especially on people of color. The organization is urging California’s top cop and the nation’s premier privacy protection agency to take action to protect the privacy rights of individuals and to prevent Clearview AI from further privacy abuses. They are seeking a complete halt to Clearview AI’s illegal data collection operations and are calling for punitive action against the company.

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