February 26, 2024

Tunisia is facing severe water scarcity, especially in remote villages like Ouled Omar. Villagers, like Ounissa Mazhoud, are struggling to find water sources for their families and livestock. Dams are at only 22% capacity, leading to water rationing in major cities and crucial farming and livestock problems in the villages. Climate change and a lack of infrastructure have contributed to the drying up of natural water sources, leaving villagers with limited access to clean water. This has caused some families to leave the village in search of better opportunities, leaving behind empty homes and a dwindling population. The situation is so dire that elderly people are considering following their children to urban areas or abroad, even though they face significant risk in doing so. It is not just a matter of water scarcity, but also a lack of infrastructure, employment opportunities, and aid that has left the villagers feeling forgotten and abandoned. The situation highlights the urgent need for support in addressing water scarcity and improving living conditions in remote villages in Tunisia.

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