February 26, 2024

Interest in UFOs has increased following the release of a Pentagon report in 2021 revealing unidentified aerial phenomena in US airspace. NASA has formed a panel to investigate these reports and appointed a director for UAP research. The Pentagon has released footage showing metallic orbs, and former intelligence officer David Grusch testified before the US Congress that he interviewed around 40 people involved in secret programs dealing with crashed UFOs.

There is interest in searching for alien physical objects in the sky to determine if we are alone in the galaxy, given that the Milky Way galaxy contains 40 billion Earth-sized, potentially habitable planets. Efforts are being made to develop probes capable of reaching other stars to search for advanced civilizations. There is debate as to whether other civilizations could have already developed this technology and sent probes to Earth.

Astronomers are seeking to investigate whether there are extraterrestrial probes near Earth, and they are considering various methods to obtain evidence. One project, ExoProbe, searches for short light flashes from potential alien objects using multiple telescopes. This new approach to searching for extraterrestrial civilizations is in response to the lack of candidates found in years of searches for extraterrestrial civilizations in radio frequencies. The ultimate goal is to identify and study any potential alien object that may be present near Earth.

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