February 26, 2024

AI art has become increasingly popular in the past year, but the quality is lacking and it is concerning to many in the art community. Some students believe that the poor quality of AI art will prevent it from fully replacing human artists, as AI is just data and will never replicate the human touch. AI art is fundamentally not art and has no comprehension of the meaning behind art, as it simply compiles data to create images. In addition, AI art poses a threat to the job market for artists, as it has the potential to replicate and replace the work of human artists. Artists need legal protection from AI in order to prevent their work from being stolen and replicated. Without legal protection, AI art could wipe out artists’ jobs. As AI evolves, its impact on creative roles in the arts will likely become more destructive, and it will force artists to adapt to the corner-cutting and cost-reducing methods of AI art. Ultimately, AI art is seen as a parasite that cannot be allowed to kill the arts. Congress should pass new copyright laws to protect artists from AI-generated images that directly replicate their style. Despite the concerns about AI art, some believe that artists will find ways to adapt and that the pursuit of AI automation cannot be allowed to destroy the arts.

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