February 29, 2024

Lawmakers have been working to learn more information about an alleged secret UFO crash retrieval program, but key portions of this measure have been stripped from the annual defense spending bill. The UAP measure was sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and would disclose records on “technologies of unknown origin and non-human intelligence.” However, the measure was cut despite being introduced by leading lawmakers and despite influence from the House Intelligence Committee. The measure initially contained provisions for a panel to sort through which records would be immediately disclosed and would have also given the government full possession of all recovered “non-human technology” currently kept by private entities. A group of House members have raised concerns about the lack of transparency and disclosure in the bill, particularly since the pushback to disclosure is based on national security concerns. The exemptions for disclosure of UAP records, such as if they threaten national defense or compromise national intelligence, are incredibly broad and may cover up meaningful revelations. Moreover, significant steps have been taken this year to disclose information on UAP from the Pentagon and from whistleblowers. Despite these efforts, there remains considerable opposition to transparency and disclosure of secret UAP records.

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