February 25, 2024

Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden has revealed that the government is preparing for a potential new pandemic that could have devastating consequences for the UK. The worst case scenario involves a deadly infection sweeping through half the population, potentially resulting in 840,000 deaths and 1.3 million hospitalizations. The government is planning for a range of pandemic scenarios, with a focus on respiratory diseases but also including other potential health emergencies.

The risk register also includes threats to energy security, such as Vladimir Putin’s ability to hold the world to “ransom” over energy supplies. In response to this, the UK government has launched a new wind farm at Dogger Bank, which will eventually power up to six million homes and provide secure, low-cost, and clean energy.

In addition to pandemics and energy security, the risk register includes threats from terrorism, cyber attacks, rail disasters, environmental hazards, and more. Deputy National Security Advisor Matt Collins emphasized that the report offers detailed information on potential scenarios, response, and recovery options. The government’s goal in publishing the risk register is to ensure that robust plans are in place to address these potential threats.

Deputy Prime Minister Dowden highlighted the importance of being prepared for anything and emphasized the comprehensive nature of the risk assessment. Overall, the government is taking proactive measures to address a wide range of potential threats to the UK’s security.

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