February 29, 2024

Clark County is now out of the drought category and has received 5.34 inches of rain this month in Vancouver, which is nearly 1.5 inches above average. More rain is expected to arrive through the weekend, surpassing the monthly average of 6 inches. However, starting Monday a dry spell is expected with seasonal temperatures and frost at night. Lowland snow or frigid conditions are not expected before Christmas. The mountain ski areas will receive a brief burst of snow but it will quickly turn to rain due to milder Pacific air. Looking back to a massive winter storm in 2016, there were widespread power outages, damage, and accidents due to heavy ice accumulations. It is noted that we have to be mindful of east winds from the Gorge even in an El Nino year. There is no atmospheric river heading our way beyond this weekend and it is unknown when the snowfall in the Cascades will turn around. Resort operators are worried about the poor snowfall. The end of the drought category is welcome, but the lack of snow is concerning and the weather is unpredictable at this point.

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