February 29, 2024

The US government has recently begun to reveal what it knows about UFOs, now referred to as UAP (unidentified anomalous phenomena). The Department of Defense has established an office to investigate UAP and published a report describing 274 observations of UAP by DOD units. Congress has also drafted the UAP Disclosure Act of 2023, indicating a shift towards government transparency in this issue. The media is also increasingly covering UAP reports, with respected mainstream outlets reporting eyewitness accounts and programs to retrieve crashed UAP materials. Hollywood is also shifting how it features UAP, such as with the recent docuseries “Encounters,” providing firsthand experiencer perspectives. Book publishing on the topic has also expanded to include contributions from former government officials and tenured professors from various fields. The media’s mainstreaming of UAP reflects an emerging public interest in extraterrestrial life and the possibility of discovering signs of otherworldly intelligence. However, a small number of lawmakers are seeking to block UAP disclosure legislation, defying the public’s interest and reinforcing a lack of government transparency. The time is ripe for the US government to come clean on UAP, especially as science fiction on this topic is transforming into science fact.

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