February 29, 2024

The discovery of handbag-like symbols in carvings and art from various ancient cultures has sparked fascination and curiosity. Dating back to the end of the Ice Age, these handbag images can be seen in the ruins of Turkish temples, Maori crafts, and Assyrian and Olmec art. The widespread presence of this symbol raises questions about its meaning and purpose in ancient societies. Some theories suggest that the handbag may represent the cosmos, with its rounded top symbolizing the sky and its square bottom representing the earth. The handbag motif also appears in the ancient temple complex of Göbekli Tepe, as well as in depictions from other distant cultures such as the Maori and ancient Egypt. These occurrences suggest that the handbag may have served as a cosmological representation hidden within the ordinary guise of a household item, bridging the gap between profound cosmic concepts and the everyday experiences of people. The universal presence of the handbag in diverse cultures and eras underscores its significance as a symbol of reverence and gratitude for divine wisdom and inspiration. The enigmatic nature of the handbag imagery continues to fascinate researchers and offers insights into the interconnectedness of humanity’s ancient civilizations.

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