February 26, 2024

AI technology, specifically frontier AI, is raising concerns about the potential dangers it poses to humanity. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will be hosting a two-day summit focused on frontier AI, which is expected to draw officials from 28 countries, including the US and EU. The concern is that frontier AI poses existential threats and could have as-yet-unknown dangers. The UK government and prominent researchers are calling for safeguards to protect people from the risks associated with this technology. The debate around frontier AI comes in the wake of the unveiling of some scary-sounding threats, such as the use of AI to more easily make chemical or biological weapons. Despite the concerns, the UK’s approach is not to rush into regulation. There is also debate around the content of the summit, with critics arguing that it is too preoccupied with far-off dangers and is not addressing the broader set of risks and safety. However, the British government insists it will have the right mix of attendees from government, academia, civil society, and business at the summit. There is also discussion around the role of regulation, with skeptics arguing that tech companies shouldn’t be involved in drafting regulations because they underestimate or downplay the urgency and full range of harms. They also aren’t open to supporting proposed laws that might be necessary but might effectively endanger their bottom line.

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