February 29, 2024

An investigation is underway to look into how Nottinghamshire County Council responded to widespread flooding in the region, following Storm Babet. Opposition politicians claim that over 900 homes were flooded during the storm and are calling for a review of the council’s gully cleaning program. The council has committed to protecting communities from flooding, but Eastwood councillor Kane Oliver stated that the council needs to be more proactive in its approach and that many gullies in Eastwood have not been cleaned for a decade. The Independent Alliance also reported that at least 65 different locations were impacted by flooding, with major incidents in several areas. A highways manager at the council stated that road drains are cleaned on a regular cycle and that a smart, data-led approach is taken to ensure that drains prone to collecting debris are cleaned more regularly. The cabinet member for the environment at the council has stated that the investigation will look at “all aspects” of flood preparation and response caused by Storm Babet. He also criticized some councillors for using the event to draw attention to themselves, but stated that the majority will focus on studying the response to the storm and identifying proactive measures to deal with such events in the future.

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