February 26, 2024

Canada is a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and has the talent and capital to compete in this industry. However, the country’s recent Fall Economic Statement made no mention of AI, representing a missed opportunity to showcase and expand Canada’s positions as an AI powerhouse. In contrast, both Britain and the United States have made significant investments in the AI sector. To strengthen Canada’s economy in the face of fierce international competition, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce has called on the government to increase investment in the adoption and commercialization of AI. In order to maintain Canada’s competitive advantage in the AI sector, the author recommends that the government make a strategic investment in “compute” power, which refers to the processing power of supercomputers to solve complex problems. This can help secure Canada’s access to compute power for the future. Additionally, building an ecosystem that supports the growth of the AI sector and fosters Canada’s world-leading talent pool is essential. The author believes that a strategic investment in compute power can help Canada to show its digital “swagger” and continue to lead in the AI industry.

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