February 25, 2024

Rain and thunderstorms are expected to bring flooding to parts of South Florida starting on Wednesday. The National Weather Service has issued a flood watch for Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. Gusty winds, with the possibility of gusts over 40 mph along the east coast, are also expected for the next several days. A wind advisory is in effect until early Thursday morning. Heavy rain and windy conditions are expected on Wednesday, with rainfall amounts between 1-2 inches in Broward, ½-¾ inch in Palm Beach, and ¾-1 inch in Miami-Dade. The rainy weather is expected to continue through Sunday, with mostly sunny weather forecasted for Monday. Overnight lows will be in the low 70s on Wednesday, dropping to the upper 60s through Saturday and even cooler into the lower 60s on Sunday and upper 50s on Monday. This is a developing story, so updates should be checked for any changes.

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