February 25, 2024

Central Nebraska, specifically 6 miles north of Guide Rock and 13 miles from the Nebraska-Kansas border, experienced the strongest shaking from a recent earthquake. The United States Geological Survey has recorded ten seismic events of more than a 2.5 magnitude in Webster County this year, with Sunday’s earthquake measuring 4.2 on the Richter Scale. While earthquakes are rare in the area, they can occur due to old faults being reactivated, despite being far from plate boundaries. The earthquake caused soft shaking in the area and was not reported to cause any significant damage or injuries. Residents in the region were advised to drop, cover, and hold in the event of an earthquake. Although there were no major concerns about larger earthquakes occurring in the area, the activity is being monitored in the central U.S. There was no reported damage or injuries from the recent earthquake, and no one expressed worry about larger earthquakes occurring in the future. The most intense earthquake in Nebraska since 2002 was recorded near the South Dakota-Nebraska border, far from the recent quake near Guide Rock. Residents in the affected areas reported their experiences with the shaking, with most people either not feeling it or only experiencing slight rattling of their houses.

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