February 29, 2024

Heavy rains in southern Gaza brought more misery to displaced Palestinians living in makeshift tents due to the ongoing conflict. Many are struggling to stay warm without proper winter clothes, and blankets are not available or unaffordable. The rain exacerbated existing health issues, overcrowding, and the spread of disease within the already distressed health-care system. The United Nations has called the situation a public health disaster and is facing challenges delivering aid due to Israel’s evacuation orders. People are waiting in long lines for a single available toilet and living in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions, making public health a major concern. The heavy rains have led to the spread of diarrhea among the displaced population. The situation has been further complicated by the difficulty in accessing food and aid due to the conflict. The ongoing rain and cold weather are making living conditions even more unbearable for the displaced Palestinians, as many struggle to find warmth and protection from the elements. The situation remains dire as the conflict continues to cause suffering for the people of Gaza.

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