February 25, 2024

Aaron Schwid and Youngkey Chung selected real estate agent Matt Isbell to sell their West Hollywood condo, as he was well-known for appearing on the TV show “Million Dollar Listing.” They quickly entered into escrow, but faced a disaster when a fire sprinkler flooded the home, causing $200,000 in damages. Schwid and Chung believe the fireplace was turned on during a showing by Isbell, who denies responsibility and refuses to walk away from the deal. They feel abandoned and trapped by the situation and have sought mediation, which has not been successful. Although Compass, Isbell’s employer, did not resolve the issue and did not discuss whether it would make a claim with its errors and omissions insurance, Schwid and Chung are considering legal action in order to be made whole again. They feel it’s unfair that the end memory of their home will be the damage caused by the incident.

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