February 29, 2024

Congress passed legislation directing the government to eventually disclose information about UFOs, following a bill introduced by Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer earlier this year. The provision, which President Joe Biden is expected to sign into law, requires the government to make any undisclosed records public within 25 years of their creation. However, some are disappointed that there will not be a massive amount of confidential information revealed to the public, and the government legally has 25 years to share the information. Additionally, anything deemed too sensitive by the president will not be released. Schumer expressed his outrage that the House did not adopt their proposal for a review board, leaving the declassification of UFO records largely up to the same entities that have blocked their disclosure for decades. Retired air force officer David Grusch, who testified before Congress and claimed that the US government knows more about UFOs than it has revealed, also stated that ‘ten aliens’ have been captured by humans. Overall, the legislation aims to increase transparency about UFOs, but some are skeptical about how much information will actually be released.

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