February 26, 2024

OpenAI, a leading artificial intelligence company and Microsoft partner, experienced a weekend full of dramatic developments including the firing of CEO Sam Altman and the resignation of co-founder Greg Brockman. Following this, Microsoft hired Altman and Brockman and others to lead a new A.I. research team while maintaining their partnership with OpenAI. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s move has been identified as a brilliant display of emotional intelligence, a strategy that leveraged difficult circumstances to create value for Microsoft. Nevertheless, it is also potentially dangerous as it could accelerate the advancement of A.I. against the greater good, as OpenAI is focused on developing artificial intelligence in a way that is safe for humanity. This contrasting perspective highlights the dark side of emotional intelligence and reflects the broader ethical concerns around the advancement of A.I. It also serves as a reminder that the pursuit of advancing technology should be balanced with careful consideration of the potential consequences, and a focus on using emotional intelligence in ways that align with long-term interests and the greater good. This illustrates the importance of using moral compass to guide decision-making even when using emotional intelligence, and the importance of thinking things through carefully to prevent potentially disastrous outcomes.

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