February 29, 2024

A storm with organized low pressure is developing off the west coast of Florida and is expected to move north up the East Coast on Sunday, bringing 2-3+ inches of rain and the potential for flooding in many areas. Winds are expected to reach up to 40+ mph in central Maryland, with stronger winds along the ocean coast. The rain is expected to develop by Sunday afternoon and become heaviest overnight, with the possibility of snow showers following. The heaviest rain is expected to fall over I-95 to I-83, including Central Maryland and Central Pennsylvania. The storm is part of a larger weather pattern influenced by a very strong El NiƱo event, with computer models supporting an East Coast storm track. The forecast may be subject to spelling and grammar typos, as the author has dyslexia and acknowledges occasional mistakes in proofreading. The author has been advised not to let dyslexia be a crutch and has overcome it to make accurate weather forecasts. The content of this update may be edited by a web team member, but it is still a reflection of the author’s work.

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