February 25, 2024

A powerful low pressure system is causing significant coastal flooding, flash flooding, and severe storms in Florida. Heavy rain, with accumulations of 1-3 inches, has already been reported. The rain is expected to continue overnight, moving into Georgia and the Carolinas on Sunday morning. There is also an increasing risk of severe storms, including tornadoes, overnight. The severe weather risk will continue on Sunday, with the eastern Carolinas being the most susceptible to spin-up tornadoes. The Gulf low has already brought over 6 inches of rain to the Panhandle of Florida, with the heaviest rain expected to impact North and South Carolina on Sunday. Coastal inundation of 2-4 feet is possible for Florida’s Nature Coast, with 2-3 feet in Tampa Bay. Drier and colder air is expected to arrive in Florida on Sunday night through Tuesday, improving weather conditions. It is important to stay weather-aware and have a backup plan for outdoor activities. Additionally, trees may be easier to knock over in higher winds, so it is important to prepare for potential power outages. It is also important to check on anyone in the affected area to ensure their safety overnight and through Sunday.

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