February 26, 2024

Last week, two senators expressed disappointment with the House of Representatives for impeding transparency on U.F.O.s. The senate discussion veered from the banal to the superweird, with concerns about the watering down of disclosure efforts and the continued media tour of a former Air Force intelligence officer. The writer hopes for real clarity on whether some faction in the government knows more about the U.A.P. mystery than what is in the public record. While deep state secrecy is a possibility, recent events make it an opportune time for anyone with documentary proof to share information. If no such revelations occur, the writer will continue to believe that no multigenerational government cover-up was ever plausible. Shocking revelations could still provoke worry about deceptions and misdirection, but the writer believes that only the truth will set us free and that the American people have a high tolerance for weirdness.

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