February 25, 2024

Two Nvidia employees, Masheika Allgood and Alexander Tsado, met with CEO Jensen Huang in 2020 to express concerns about the potential negative impact of AI on minorities. Both employees were unsatisfied with Huang’s response and ended up leaving the company. Allgood posted on LinkedIn that the meeting was the “most devastating 45 minutes” of her professional career. The two former employees were concerned about the dangers of facial recognition systems used in self-driving car technology, which could disproportionately affect people of color. Similar concerns have been raised around AI and minorities, with evidence suggesting discriminatory behavior in some AI models. Despite the company’s focus on AI, Nvidia lags behind other tech companies in diversity, with only 7.8% of its US workforce being Black, Hispanic, or Native American. Nvidia has since established an AI & Legal Ethics program, but the company continues to face criticism for its lack of diversity. Nvidia has seen its share price soar as a result of the AI revolution, with tech companies using its graphics processing units (GPUs) for training AI models. The chipmaker claims to have undertaken substantial work to make its AI products safe and inclusive since the departure of Allgood and Tsado.

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