February 26, 2024

A 6.2 magnitude earthquake in northwest China has killed 126 people and injured over 700. The quake struck Gansu province and the neighbouring Qinghai region, causing widespread destruction and leaving residents in freezing conditions. The worst-hit area was Jishishan county, where over 5,000 buildings were damaged. The region is known for its poor and diverse population, with many old, clay buildings contributing to the extensive damage. Chinese President Xi Jinping has deployed thousands of rescue personnel to the area to minimize further casualties. Rescue operations are hindered by disrupted power and water supplies, and the sub-zero temperatures. Officials anticipate an increase in casualties as they continue to search for survivors. President Xi Jinping has called for all efforts to be made to carry out search and rescue, treat the injured, and minimize casualties. China, located in a seismically active region, has experienced devastating earthquakes in the past, including the 2010 quake in Yushu, Qinghai province, which claimed almost 2,700 lives.

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