February 26, 2024

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, was removed by the board of directors but was reinstated after a mass protest by the company’s staff. The board, which was mostly independent and governed OpenAI’s operations for the good of humanity, was critical to the company’s uniqueness. Altman had previously warned about the existential dangers of AI and portrayed the company’s unique structure as a safeguard against irresponsible AI development. However, the chaotic leadership reset at OpenAI resulted in a reshuffling of the board, with the addition of establishment figures in tech and the removal of two directors associated with the “effective altruism” movement.

The outcome of the leadership changes has crystallized existing divides over how the future of AI should be governed, with differing viewpoints on the risks and benefits of AI, freewheeling market capitalism, and the need for tight regulation. The reason for Altman’s removal remains a mystery, leaving space for rumors and conspiracy theories, including the idea that OpenAI had created artificial general intelligence (AGI) and the board had flipped the kill switch based on the advice of a board member.

The leadership reset revealed a governance gap within OpenAI, leading to concerns about a failure of governance and uncertainty over the company’s future actions. The changes at OpenAI have sparked debate and exposed divisions over the governance and control of powerful AI technology.

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