February 29, 2024

State lawmakers are considering various measures to regulate the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in Florida. The proposals include setting up a council to oversee the use of AI by state agencies, creating a state code of ethics for AI usage, and regulating the use of AI in political advertising. One bill specifically targets AI-generated political ad content, requiring disclaimers on ads created with generative AI technology. Another bill seeks to hold people liable for using AI to portray others in a false light. However, not everyone agrees with the need for state-level AI regulation, arguing that existing laws already cover these issues. Some critics believe that addressing technology issues at the state level is not effective and should be handled on a national or federal basis. Meanwhile, there are concerns about AI threatening the integrity of elections and advancing faster than government regulation. The proposed measures also outline definitions of AI and generative AI to be incorporated into state law. Senator Nick DiCeigle and Representative Alex Rizo have each filed bills related to AI regulation, with Senator Joe Gruters proposing the establishment of a statewide council to oversee AI usage by state agencies. These proposals will be discussed further during the legislative session that begins in January.

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