February 26, 2024

The Arlington Heights neighborhood in Fort Worth has been dealing with flooding issues for years, prompting the city to buy several properties to address the problem. Now, the city has put these properties up for bid to developers, hoping to see improvements in flood risk. However, only one bid has been received, proposing to elevate and rebuild some of the properties to meet flood level requirements. The bidder has also proposed various flood mitigation techniques, such as permeable paving and rain gardens. However, some residents, like Jim Vreeland, feel that these proposals do not address the bigger problem of flooding and are concerned about what could happen if a developer doesn’t follow through with the plans. Vreeland is worried that the properties could be sold to individual buyers, allowing the city to turn a profit and leave the neighborhood without a long-term solution to the issue. The Fort Worth City Council will have to approve the bid, and the city department handling the situation plans to present an Informational Report to the council in January or February. Residents like Vreeland remain skeptical about whether the bid will truly provide a lasting solution to the neighborhood’s flooding issues.

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