February 25, 2024

The Witcher voice actor Doug Cockle expressed concern and frustration about the increasing presence of artificial intelligence (AI) in the video game industry. He believes that while AI is inevitable, people could use it for unethical and nefarious purposes. Cockle’s main concern stems from AI being used to replicate human voices without the consent or compensation of the original voice actors. He believes that AI voice replication robs actors of their income and personalizes the characters they voice. Cockle has spoken with other voice actors and is supportive of Cissy Jones’ company, Morpheme.ai, which seeks to help voice actors gain control over how their voices are used in AI applications. He insists on the need for a solution to ensure that actors have control over how their voices are replicated in AI. Cockle is also concerned about the potential emergence of AI-generated content with racist, false, or harmful intentions. While recognizing the impressive nature of modders using AI for good purposes, Cockle believes a line needs to be drawn to address the ethical implications of using AI in voice acting. The article also highlights other instances of voice actors speaking out against the use of AI-generated content in video games.

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