February 25, 2024

Generative AI has been a big focus in the business world this year. It is capable of creating images and text based on simple prompts, as well as replicating human actors’ performances on screen. It has caused concern among actors and voice actors, as their voices can be cloned using AI technology. Video game studios, like CD Projekt Red, have already started using this technology to supplement human voice actors. This has raised ethical and financial concerns for voice actors, like Doug Cockle, whose voices can be used without their consent and lead to loss of income. There is also concern about the potential for AI to be used to create false or harmful content using actors’ voices. Voice actors, like Cockle, are calling for a solution that will allow them to have control over how their voices are used in AI technology. The future of AI in the entertainment industry is uncertain, but it’s clear that these issues will continue to be debated in the coming years.

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