February 25, 2024

Amateur plane trackers captured strange footage of an unidentified flying craft hovering above Air Force One during President Joe Biden’s Los Angeles visit. Viewers speculated that it was extraterrestrial, while skeptics suggested it was a balloon. The Pentagon’s office to investigate UFOs, however, has identified many such sightings as natural occurrences. NASA has also yet to find conclusive evidence that supports extraterrestrial origins of UFO reports, but they have hired a director of UAP research and plan to continue studying the phenomena for potential threats to U.S. airspace. The plane spotters, Peter and Joshua Solorzano, recognized the craft as a white sphere on their YouTube channel “LA Flights”, and captured it three times in their footage. Some dismissed the sighting as a balloon, citing an illusion caused by the balloon being closer to the camera than the fast-moving plane in the background. The U.S. government has acknowledged more than 500 military encounters with unidentified craft since 2004 but has often attributed them to natural occurrences. This footage has brought the issue of UFO sightings back into the spotlight, as the Pentagon and NASA continue to investigate such phenomena.

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