February 25, 2024

DEAD Time, a column discussing the paranormal, focuses on the concept of shadow people. These dark, humanoid figures are often perceived as evil or threatening and have been reported by people for decades. They are linked to various religious beliefs, legends, and folklore, and can also be connected to certain medical conditions like insomnia, sleep paralysis, and schizophrenia. The author describes experiencing shadow people in their family home, and connects their occurrence to their struggles with insomnia. The author emphasizes that the perception of shadow people as good or bad is tied to personal beliefs and experiences, and people’s belief in the paranormal is linked to their religious or spiritual beliefs, culture, folklore, or medical conditions. The column ends with an invitation for readers to share their own experiences with shadow people. Overall, the content discusses the widespread belief in shadow people and their connection to personal experiences, cultural beliefs, and medical conditions, leaving open the question of whether these shadows are beings at all.

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