February 25, 2024

The team of an upcoming documentary on Bob Lazar, a UFO technician, is using technology to recreate the S4 facility near Area 51 in Nevada that Lazar alleged was used to research alien craft. The documentary is set to be released in 2024 and tells the story of Lazar’s time at the facility. Bob Lazar is known for making claims in late 1989 about working at S4 on projects that involved reengineering alien aircraft. The release of the documentary comes at a time when discussions about UFOs have entered the mainstream, with claims that the US Pentagon is hiding information about a UFO crash retrieval program. The documentary is titled “Lazar: The Original Whistleblower” and is set to be accompanied by a book containing rare photographs and commentary by Lazar. Additionally, the creators are working on a VR experience that will allow people to explore the secrets of S4 and navigate a thrilling journey through the eyes of Bob Lazar. While there is skepticism and doubts about Lazar’s credibility and claims, the documentary provides an immersive experience for viewers who are intrigued by stories about UFOs and aliens.

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