February 29, 2024

The city of Denver has seen significant improvements in the safety and efficiency of its vehicle fleet operations since migrating to cloud software and artificial intelligence-powered dash cameras. The Samsara Connected Operations Cloud system has allowed the city to consolidate driver and vehicle data, leading to proactive management of fleet operations and performance. The system has also helped Denver work towards its sustainability goals by reducing emissions.

The new system has resulted in a 99% decrease in “harsh” driving, a 98% drop in distracted driving, and a 94% reduction in safety incidents across the city’s vehicle fleet. Through the use of dash cameras and coaching tools, drivers have become more aware of their driving habits, leading to improved safety and a decrease in incident severity. Fleet technicians have also benefitted from the system by quickly locating equipment for preventative maintenance and generating reports to spot potential vehicle issues before they escalate.

The city is also using the system’s data-sharing capabilities to support city initiatives, including climate goals related to emission reduction. Denver transportation officials are optimistic about the improvements brought by the Samsara system and its potential to continue driving positive change in the future.

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