February 26, 2024

Senator Mike Rounds has introduced an “Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Disclosure Act” in a national defense bill, which has been passed by the Senate. This act calls for centralizing UFO records and making government information about unidentified anomalous (UAP) phenomena, a euphemism for UFOs, publicly available. The senator wants all data about extraterrestrial objects to be stored in a central location because currently, different U.S. government agencies have separate data without a central collection site. This is an effort to address the increasing number of official reports of UFO sightings, including accounts from former military members testifying before Congress. Furthermore, the act aims to make the government’s knowledge about UFOs and other unidentified phenomena accessible to the public. Having passed the Senate, the act represents a potential step forward in the effort to gather and disclose information about UFOs and other unidentified phenomena. This move reflects growing interest in the existence of intelligent life beyond Earth, and indicates that official attention to this topic is increasing.

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