February 26, 2024

Cherry Creek State Park in Colorado suffered extensive damage to Lakeview Road due to flooding in May. The road was closed and experienced sinkholes, buckling, and breaking. A new daily rainfall record of 2.92 inches was set at Denver International Airport. The park plans to reopen Lakeview Road on January 26 after significant repair work. Additionally, the park is planning to introduce new educational programs in 2024, covering topics such as boat safety, birding, hunting, and archery. There will also be a bald eagle festival on February 10. However, specific details about the event are not yet available. Park officials have described the flood damage as a “100-year event” and the worst seen since the 1980s. Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman and Councilwoman Danielle Jurinsky announced the reopening of Lakeview Road and emphasized the new educational programs and upcoming events at the park.

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