February 29, 2024

In 2023, the U.S. government’s promises of disclosing information about UFOs were unfulfilled. Lawmakers like Tim Burchett and Chuck Schumer pushed for disclosure, but the National Defense Authorization Act ignored these promises and allowed the president to classify information about UFOs. A former intelligence officer, David Grusch, made unsubstantiated claims about alien technology, while Harvard professor Avi Loeb attempted to find evidence to support the idea that UFOs are actually aliens. Additionally, there were reports of a UFO over an airport in India and a video of a UFO allegedly flying over President Joe Biden’s Air Force 1. The author expressed skepticism and disbelief at these claims, stating that the same lie has been told for over 80 years. The author sarcastically remarked that they would not believe any new UFO stories in 2024 and suggested that the phenomena could potentially be Chinese spy balloons. Overall, the content expresses doubt and frustration with the lack of concrete information and evidence surrounding UFOs.

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