February 26, 2024

A photo was taken of a mock UFO and three mock aliens in a garden in Jacobsdorf near Frankfurt an der Oder, Germany in June 2021. This photo came at a time of an evolving conversation around UFOs, with NewsNation’s reporting leading to a Congressional hearing, changes at the Pentagon, and new legislation mandating disclosure on UFOs. Former intelligence officer and Air Force veteran David Grusch claimed on an interview with NewsNation that the U.S. has a top-secret military program to recover UFOs. Grusch mentioned that the U.S. had recovered wreckage of UFOs, but Grusch has not provided any pictures or documents that can verify these claims. Although the Pentagon hasn’t discovered any information to confirm these programs, it has made changes by releasing new UFO videos and creating a new website for military and government workers to report UFO incidents for investigation. Grusch’s interview led to a Congressional hearing with discussions on the need for further investigation on the matter, as well as the proposal of an amendment that would require the U.S. government to share all information it has on UFOs. Despite a stripped-down version of the legislation, Grusch still believes that the public is searching for answers and evidence when it comes to UFOs.

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