February 29, 2024

The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors is allocating $15 million to the Vista Grande Watershed Project, which aims to address flooding in the area caused by excessive rainfall and an overflow of water from San Francisco’s Lake Merced. Supervisor David Canepa highlighted the impact of the floods on North San Mateo County, attributing them to an aging sewer system and the need for significant plumbing adjustments to adapt to the changing climate. Daly City will lead the expansion of the Vista Grande Drainage Basin to improve rainwater movement to the Pacific Ocean, with Mayor Juslyn Manalo emphasizing the project’s importance in replacing and upgrading undersized pipelines and drainage systems. The project partners include San Mateo County, North San Mateo County Sanitation District, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, and Caltrans. Construction of the project is scheduled to begin in 2025 and is considered the largest public works project in Daly City’s history.

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