February 26, 2024

In 2023, the world faced significant uncertainty, with a looming United States presidential election and the rapid development of artificial intelligence. Amidst this, new wars emerged and echoed across the internet. WIRED identified the most dangerous people and organizations online, including Elon Musk, who struggled with the direction of his social media platform and faced backlash for comments about experiments at his brain implant startup. The year also saw a resurgence of ransomware attacks, carried out by groups like Cl0p and Alphv. The attacks affected millions and caused substantial damage. Hamas conducted atrocities in Southern Israel, raising questions about the role of digital technologies in enabling extremist violence. Russia’s group of hyper-aggressive military intelligence hackers, Sandworm, continued to carry out cyberattacks in Ukraine. Volt Typhoon, believed to be a Chinese hacker group, planted malware in critical infrastructure networks in the US. And as the 2024 US presidential election draws nearer, Donald Trump, who leads Republican primary polls, rekindled attacks on his enemies through his social media platform. These individuals, groups, and organizations have contributed to a year characterized by chaos, uncertainty, and cyberwarfare, demonstrating the significant impact of their actions on the digital landscape.

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