February 26, 2024

The report, titled Evaluation of the Performance of the Spanish National Health System against the Covid-19 Pandemic, found that Spain’s health system was unprepared for the events of 2020. It lacked an effective early-warning system and the ability to scale up available treatment capacity, and the government did not form a special health crisis committee at the start of the pandemic. The report recommends the formation of a crisis committee advised by scientists, strengthening local healthcare facilities, establishing a reserve of PPE materials and ventilators in intensive care units, and developing an effective tech-based track-and-trace system. The Spain’s Radar COVID app was found to have detected only 125,000 out of the 13 million infections that took place between August 2020 and September 2022. The report also emphasizes the need for greater coordination between regional health services and care homes, as more than 34,000 of Spain’s 122,000 Covid-19 deaths were from care homes. The onset of Covid-19 saw criticism of decision-making in prime minister Pedro Sánchez’s government, which eventually admitted that no specific expert advisory committee had been formed. Overall, the report highlights the unpreparedness of Spain’s health system and makes recommendations for improvements in handling future health crises.

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