February 26, 2024

Warnings have been issued for dangerous waves along the Los Angeles County coastline, with waves reaching up to 20 feet. The high surf prompted the closure of the Manhattan Beach pier, and a sneaker wave in Ventura County sent 9 people to the hospital. A high surf advisory has been upgraded to a warning, with waves of 8 to 13 feet anticipated, and some isolated sets reaching 20 feet. Coastal flooding advisories are also in effect. Forecasters warned of life-threatening rip currents and dangerous conditions, but some surfers still took the risk. There is a possibility of light rain over the weekend, and a slight chance of rain on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in Pasadena. The powerful surf is expected to continue through the weekend, causing flooding and dangerous conditions for coastal areas. The waves and currents pose an exceptional risk of ocean drowning and damage to coastal structures. Despite the warnings, some surfers were unable to resist the opportunity to catch some big waves. The situation is expected to slightly improve before another strong wave front arrives, reinforcing the dangerous conditions at the beaches on Saturday. Overall, the high surf and coastal flooding will continue to affect the Los Angeles County coastline, with dangerous conditions and significant risk of ocean drowning.

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