February 29, 2024

Saudi Arabia has experienced serious flooding in the north following heavy rainfall over the weekend, with areas such as Hail, al-Qassim, and Ash Sharqiyah being the most affected. The heavy showers, hailstorms, and lightning were unusual for these regions, which typically receive only 10-15mm of rainfall in December. Videos have shown flooding and hail covering the streets in the city of Buraydah, al-Qassim. Meanwhile, Canada is experiencing unusually warm temperatures, with parts of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario recording daytime maximums 20C higher than average. Records have been broken in southern British Columbia, with temperatures reaching 14C in West Vancouver. The year 2023 was also significant for the Netherlands, which experienced its warmest and wettest year on record, with temperatures averaging 11.8C and precipitation of 1,060mm, 300mm above normal. Despite the wet weather, the year was also unusually sunny, with an extra 136 hours of sunshine.

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