February 26, 2024

The author reflects on the legacy of their grandmother, a skilled baker, and the importance of preserving traditional recipes and the environment. They describe the process of making a traditional Slovenian walnut roll called potica, and the hardships of grinding walnuts from a tree on their grandmother’s farm. The author laments the deterioration of the walnut tree due to environmental factors such as floods, low temperatures, and pollution. They express their frustration and the decline of the tree and the impact on their ability to make potica. However, they find hope in a sapling growing near the dying tree, seeing it as a symbol of preservation and a reminder of the importance of safeguarding life and traditions. The author resolves not to succumb to a culture of consumption but rather to continue preserving traditional recipes and the environment. They emphasize that their grandmother’s culture was one of protecting and valuing life in all its forms.

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