February 29, 2024

Porto Alegre, Brazil is working to implement artificial intelligence (AI) in the lawmaking process, potentially eliminating the need for politicians. City Councilman Ramiro Rosário recently passed the country’s first legislation written with ChatGPT, a generative AI tool. The bill aimed to prevent water companies from charging residents to replace a stolen water meter. Writing the bill would usually take days for a team of six, but ChatGPT produced a proposal in 15 seconds, including a clause that exempted owners from water bills if the meter wasn’t replaced in 30 days. The bill was anonymously approved, and a press release was generated with ChatGPT. The councilman also used the tool in other areas, speculating that it could replace public relations assistants. However, when it was revealed that ChatGPT was involved in the process, the community had mixed reactions. Some felt it was a dangerous precedent and believed it should be revoked, while others preferred AI over politicians. AI tools like ChatGPT have faced controversy, with some experts raising concerns about academic integrity when used by students, and Pulitzer prize winners suing its creator for allegedly plagiarizing their intellectual property.

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