February 29, 2024

Recent rain and snowfall in Iowa have brought some relief from the widespread drought, particularly in the western part of the state. The Latest Drought Index Map shows that the southern portions of Page, Taylor, and Ringgold counties are now abnormally dry, and areas surrounding Cherokee and Sioux City are experiencing no drought at all. However, Jefferson, Wapello, Marion, Davis, and Washington Counties, along with large portions of Henry, Van Buren, and Keokuk counties, are still extremely dry despite recent precipitation. The National Weather Service is predicting a warmer and dryer-than-normal winter, with a 30% chance of snow on Friday night and Saturday morning. The drought conditions in the state are improving in some areas, while others continue to struggle with dryness. Despite some relief, the predictions for a warmer and dryer winter raise concerns about the potential impact on the ongoing drought situation in Iowa. The state will need continued precipitation to alleviate the dry conditions and minimize the impact of the drought on agriculture, water supply, and other essential resources.

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