February 29, 2024

The author suggests using “rapid installation, full perimeter protection, up to 40 inches protection height, insert and lock connection system Mayim flood barrier panels” instead of sandbags and a sand berm to protect properties on the Esplanade. The barriers should be placed near the street curb and curved to direct captured water back across the beach into the bay. They also recommend removing a wooden block on a low cement wall, and building concrete walls between the bay and businesses to prevent annual flooding. They advise submitting grants for financial aid to the state and federal governments, emphasizing the financial savings of prevention. The author, David Lane from Los Gatos, encourages letters to the editor to present ideas and solutions. Letters should be short and no more than 175 words, with full name, street address, and telephone number included for verification purposes. The Sentinel does not publish these details in the newspaper but requires them for verification. Letters can be submitted online at www.santacruzsentinel.com/submit-letters.

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