February 26, 2024

The recent storms in California have significantly increased reservoir levels, but have failed to deliver the expected snowpack in the Sierra Nevada region. This is of concern as snowpack supplies a third of the state’s water. The severe early season snow drought is exacerbated by the potential for a meager snow season, as there are record low numbers for the snowpack for the beginning of January. Although the recent storms helped to replenish major reservoirs, major concerns about water have arisen due to the state’s water infrastructure being designed for the slow snowmelt, and not the rapid deluge of rain. The potential for warmer temperatures to interfere with snow is worrying, and a recent study has shown that snow fall is declining. While it’s still early to say what kind of year they’re in for, academicians are preparing for the possibility of more extreme storms and increasing climate resilience. The next snow survey will be on February 1st.

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