February 29, 2024

Storm Henk has been causing heavy rainfall and wind across England and Wales, leading to flooding in many areas. In London, the winds caused a London Eye capsule to have its access hatch ripped off, terrifying the occupants inside. The Met Office issued heavy rain warnings, along with the chance of power cuts and home flooding in the south of England. The strong winds and rain also caused a garden shed to collapse in Greenwich, while scaffolding fell onto a road in the area. There were also reports of people needing to be rescued from flooded areas. The storm has resulted in severe disruptions to travel, with train companies urging people not to travel unless absolutely necessary. The weather is expected to improve over the weekend, with drier, calmer, and colder weather on the way. Despite this, there is still a risk of flooding in several areas due to saturated ground. There have been over 600 flood alerts and warnings issued across the country, causing significant disruptions and concerns over public safety.

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