February 29, 2024

The latest series of ‘Unexplained: Caught On Camera’ on Discovery+ features eerie encounters and perplexing phenomena captured on camera. Each episode presents remarkable and terrifying footage, ranging from demonic scratches to ghostly figures in haunted homes. The panel of experts dissects these mysterious occurrences and offers insight. Now, viewers can test their knowledge with a quiz based on the fourth season, recalling details of supernatural events and panel conclusions. The quiz includes questions about haunted locations in Australia, a doll with moving eyes, and encounters with aliens. The series also features a haunted graveyard in South America, a British drama teacher’s paranormal experience, and a grocery store worker chased by a phantom customer in Texas. The quiz challenges viewers to remember specific details such as who replaced Jayne Harris on the show, what happened to a man named Frank in a South American graveyard, and the type of doll haunting a woman in Illinois. Test your knowledge and see if you can answer 20 questions about the unexplained phenomena captured on camera in the latest series of ‘Unexplained: Caught On Camera’ on Discovery+.

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