February 26, 2024

Several videos went viral on social media showing people claiming to have witnessed aliens walking through Miami during a street brawl on New Year’s Day. Witnesses reported seeing 8-foot tall shadow aliens at a Miami mall, causing people to lose their minds and flee the area. A series of tweets and videos shared by self-proclaimed “eye witnesses” shared first-hand accounts of the incident, saying the shadows disappeared and reappeared, moving closer and closer. However, there is limited physical evidence of the alleged aliens, with only a blurry video that doesn’t show much. The incident seems to have been an overreaction to a brawl among teenagers and was blown out of proportion, with no one being harmed. The hype began with a woman posting a video on TikTok, sparking a social media conspiracy. Radio host Dan Bongino also shared his own UFO experience from Florida, contributing to the speculation. The police were called to the scene and arrested four teens on charges related to burglary, grand theft, battery, and resisting an officer. The incident is widely believed to be a LARP (live-action role-playing) gone wrong, and no actual alien sightings are confirmed. The reaction to the incident is seen as a result of a series of unconfirmed and exaggerated reports on social media.

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